Reiki and Kids

From the pink of a rose… to the freckles on a nose, Reiki is a part of everything and everyone of every age. Children have such a strong connection to Reiki because they are very open and easily find awe in the ordinary.

I am thrilled when asked to do Reiki work on a child. Children today are growing and learning in a very stressful world. They are dealing with their own anxiety surrounding school and social interactions, but they are also picking up stressed/ worried and anxious energy from their parents and peers.

Children are so open to receiving Reiki and being shown how to tap into their own ability to self regulate and work with their emotions.

I have done hands-on sessions with children who have ADHD, anxiety, pain management for chronic conditions and children whose parents are just simply looking to maintain optimal wellness. All have had excellent results.

I have also worked on children’s content, to teach in workshops and in one-on-one instruction, or in sessions with parents to teach them how to transmit Reiki to their kids.

I am excited to announce my new project, currently in development, which is devoted to kids and parents and will showcase content created for kids.

Introducing…… coming soon!

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